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Movement With Meaning

Improve your health, posture and state of mind through corrective exercise.

Through our programs and your journey of healing at Esoteric Exercise, you will come to understand how the mind expresses itself through the body in movement.

To intimately know how your very own thoughts are largely influenced by how you move. If the body is restricted or uncoordinated, the mind is stuck or conditioned in beliefs that no longer serve. Positively changing the body in movement, simultaneously changes those conditioned beliefs. Basically put, movement creates information that engages the five senses to form a perspective on any given experience, based on the way that movement is performed. Specific qualities of movement can be a way of observing how the mind works, showing us how to effect changes to the body/mind relationship. You will come to appreciate how physical issues are rooted within the mind and can be resolved by improving your movement abilities.

At Esoteric Exercise you will experience healing solutions ranging from back, hip, knee, shoulder and or neck pain, which are usually rooted in symptoms like sciatica, scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, retrolisthesis, or any joint subluxations.

In restoring these musculoskeletal challenges, joints become stable, posture improves and balance, coordination, flexibility, agility, and strength are enhanced. In addressing these biomechanical functions, digestive, respiratory, lymphatic, circulatory and hormonal irregularities are also improved and here’s one of the many reasons why:

The lower back is directly opposite the stomach, therefore, any pain within the lower back area will affect nerve quality, which will also affect and compromise digestive functions and the other aforementioned biological systems. In other words, any negative postural irregularities or adverse muscle imbalances will affect all other systems as they are interrelated and inseparable.

The same applies to the mid/upper back nerves and joints that are directly behind the lungs, thus any postural deviation in that area will affect breathing. Many people who have experienced my program started with a forward head, rounded shoulders and slumped posture (upper cross syndrome) soon experienced improvements with breathing, digestion, increased energy, better sleep and a heightened wellbeing.

The program consists of a tailored corrective exercise, and stretching program based on your unique bio-mechanical and musculoskeletal imbalances. To define those imbalances, the first step is a thorough biomechanical assessment, which will reveal the biomechanical issues that need to be addressed (if there’s no assessing, there’s only guessing)

With specific assessment tools, you will appreciate HOW your spinal curvatures, joint range of movement and the way you move in everyday life correspond to your postural imbalances and pain syndromes. Any joint pain that is present is mostly due to”faulty or improper movement patterns” that have been habitually repeated many times over. The foundational principle of the program is to teach and guide you into new movement patterns that restore and heal those niggling imbalances, joint pains and decreased health and wellbeing.

The other side of the program is your diet, which is also unique to you only. Some of the previously mentioned challenges can be healed with diet. Inflammation, which is at the root of many symptoms, suppresses many bodily parts, so improving diet reduces inflammation to awaken joints, nerves, muscles and other soft tissues like organs and glands.

A complimentary biomechanical and dietary assessment awaits you, if your curiosity and desire to heal calls you!

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Improve your health, posture and state of mind through corrective exercise.